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Participant Agreement

The following participant agreement applies to all Independent Runner events races.

I acknowledge that:

I participate in the event at my own risk.

I will take all reasonable measures to protect myself from the risks of participation.

I accept all responsibility for travel and personal medical insurance, and for payment of medical/surgical expenses incurred because of my participation in the Event. Independent Runner Events has public liability insurance for each event - however this does not cover individual competitor medical or rescue costs. Ambulance transfer is expensive and this cost is the responsibility of each individual competitor if needed.

I am responsible for all property I bring to the event and acknowledge that Independent Runner Events accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to this property.

I will abide by the Event rules and timelines, as varied from time to time, and will abide by directions given by Event Officials. Failure to abide by the Event rules or directions given by Event Officials will result in disqualification from the Event.

Any abuse, harassment, or threat to any Event Officials or other participants will result in disqualification from the Event and future IRE events.

I accept that the Race Director has discretion to accept or decline an entry on whatever grounds.

I release Independent Runner Events (and their owners, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors and/or agents) from any claim and from any liability (to the extent permitted by law) for or as a result of any loss, injury or damage suffered by me in relation to my attendance and participation at the Event, however so caused, including any claim or liability which arises due to negligence of Independent Runner Events (or their owners, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors and/or agents).

I consent to the publication and/or use in any form of media whatsoever of my name, race result, image, voice, statement or otherwise, including the publication of my name and/or event result and applicable age bracket in marketing materials and/or website without payment or consideration.

To the best of my knowledge, I am not suffering from a condition which would prevent and/or render me unfit to participate in the Event. I have not knowingly used any substance for the purpose of enhancing my performance at the Event and will not use any substance or procedures prohibited by the rules of Athletics Australia or World Athletics.

I understand that all entries are non-refundable for non-starters and non-finishers, including any case of disqualification. Entry fees are refundable up to 4 weeks before the Event day although 25% will be deducted to cover administration.

Any participant who transfers to another race will be required to pay a $10 administration fee.

I accept that the Event will be subject to the current Queensland Health guidelines which I agree to abide by. If the event is cancelled for safety concerns or otherwise as a result of something beyond the reasonable control of Independent Runner Events I accept that my entry fee and/or any other cost incurred in order to participate and/or get to the Event will be non-refundable. In addition, I acknowledge I will have no claim against Independent Runner Events for any loss or damage I may suffer because of such cancellation.

I certify that I am 18 years or older, and I have read this document and fully understand it.

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